dEAr mE to

Dear me, 

In light of the book project, going to a quiet place like Chobe Safari Lodge may allow my natural thinking juices to flow. Imagine, a glass of red wine on a small table, a laptop and a variety of snacks as I write. I could first go for a game drive before beginning. Perhaps learn how to swim before actually sitting to write. This is like killing all those shouting birds with one stone. 

Maybe I could go to Naivasha and write from a land far away. That will surely reduce the many temptations that I have. 

Does the location make any difference in this writing project? No, dear me. 

But why is this book supposed to be written? Could it be that I just want to write it for the assessor? The guy doesn’t get tired of reminding us of the book to the extent of blogging about it. Maybe I want to make my friends happy? Have I even thought about if it matters whether I write this book or not? 

There it is! I will figure out why I have to write this book tomorrow after I have watched the repeat of Friends S4 EP 2 – 23.

But how does writing a book work? Do I sit down and begin typing? Perhaps the old pen and paper method is more preferred. Isn’t there a way I can just speak words and they type themselves? I will google that tomorrow. Tomorrow I will find out how to write a book and proceed. 

But hold on dear me, in the end, what if I somehow write this book and it becomes a best seller? Am I ready for the speaking engagements that will come with that? Maybe I should buy myself a fountain pen to sign the autographs. Is it too soon to hire a secretary to attend to all the emails and calls that will come through? A bodyguard? No? Ok, maybe an office in one of these upscale neighbourhoods. I have always wanted the corner office with a great view of the city and trees. Oh, and a lobby that can sit all those that will come in for the autographs. 

What if in a sudden turn of events, it doesn’t work? I write this book and bang, that’s it. People refuse to buy the book. What if everybody does what I normally do with books – buy the book and keep it on their shelves without actually reading it? 

What if I decide to start writing this book and I dedicate time daily to writing something at least? I guess I will have written a book by the time we turn the year. 

I do now understand that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. 

In the meantime, dear me, I have come to the following conclusions:

– I will write a book

– I will choose a topic from the many left after disqualifying the rest. 

– I will research about book writing

– I will decide where I will write from

– I will deal with the little foxes that are hindering me. I will tell you about them soon. 

–           I will do all this………… tomorrow. 

Decisions are easier when it’s an issue of good or bad. However, we normally don’t encounter these kinds of decisions. Each person knows what a bad decision is. The most difficult decisions, the ones where we struggle are not good or bad decisions. it is choosing between good and best.

The enemy of best is good. at all times, ask yourself what is best for you? there are always many good things happening, but what is best for you at that time?

Are too many good things getting in your way of doing the best things? In all we do, we shouldn’t follow the clock. the clock represents our calendar, schedule, commitments, assignments, appointments and all we do to manage our time etc. We should instead follow the compass. the compass represents our values, vision, ambitions, principles, direction i.e. what we fill is important and how we lead our lives. 

The biggest challenge in the procrastination journey is when what we do doesn’t contribute to the most important things in our lives. Ask yourself if what you doing matters most towards becoming or achieving the person you want to be. Don’t push the best you can do to tomorrow yet it can be done today Sacrifice the good for the best.  Remember, nothing is more exhausting than the task that is never started.

(Much of this information is courtesy of Steven Covey, best selling Author; Seven habits and First things First.)

On selfishness

There is a girl who lives at my parent’s home. We will call her Devine for purposes of this story. At about 6 pm on Sunday, Devine a P.7 candidate decides to go buy a graph book. By 6:30 pm, she is yet to return even though shops are a stone throw away from home. Soon its 7 pm. No sight of the girl. Panic mood sets in. Where is this girl? We are living in days of mean-looking men with guns patrolling the nights. Has this girl forgotten that these men never learnt how to laugh? Neighbours help trace her whereabouts. No one had cared enough to ask why she was heading away from home at that time of the night. Why should they anyway? It gets to 9 pm. The streets officially belong to those scary-looking dudes with guns and kiboko. Devine has not returned home. My parents are so worried. Where is this girl? What do we tell her parents? This is the longest night they are about to have in a long time. Tears start rolling. Sadness, uninvited, feels at home in the house. It would take 30hours later to find the girl, rather chase her into abandoning her newly started family and return home. I will tell her love story another day.

Far away from Kireka, the best team in the world played a game that very Sunday. It ended a stalemate. It’s the first time this season that the mighty gunners have ended a game without scoring and conceding. However, the game will not be remembered so much for that but the actions of Usd 72m signing, Pepe. The Ivory Coast international hasn’t had the best of the game so far. Its 51 minutes on the clock. Despite Leeds looking the better side, that matters less in football. With the score still reading nil-nil, its anyone’s game.

Players in the elite leagues have been trained in several tactics to win games. One of them involves getting into the opponents’ heads and disorganizing them. It’s what Alioski, the Leeds ace did. Pepe falls flat for the tactic and decides to headbutt the guy. Granted, it’s a slight headbutt and Alioski deserves an Oscar for his reaction but the game rules are clear. it’s not acceptable to headbutt a guy whether slightly, unintentional or deservedly. A senior player like Pepe has been drilled in football rules all his professional life. He doesn’t need a reminder. Yet at the slightest of provocations, what does Pepe do? Headbutt Alioski. He is aware of the repercussions of his actions but he seems not to care. The action or let’s say resulting punishment will leave his teammates in a weaker position of 10men playing against 11 but who cares. Pepe gets his marching orders to leave the pitch. His teammates struggle and are made to sweat to earn a point. Why? Pepe didn’t care about anyone else when acting.

I am not here today to judge Devine or Pepe. God knows when I heard about Devine, I was so furious because of the worry she was subjecting my parents to. I didn’t stop to think that maybe she could have been kidnapped, knocked by a speeding boda-Boda or even lost in a hide and seek game with a bullet from one of those mean-looking men’s guns. All that was occupying my mind was how she just left without saying a word. Same for Pepe. The guy could have insulted his mother or called him a monkey. Did I care? NO. He was costing ‘my’ team points in the game.

Selfishness, the living book declares is as a result of three things; the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. (1 John 2:16).  

Remember when you were a day old. (of course, you don’t).  You were screaming without care that your mother has just gone through a near-death experience to bring you in this world. All you cared about at that moment was the fact that you were feeling cold or hungry. (the lust of the flesh). You grew up knowing that whenever you want something and are not getting it, all you need to do is scream and shout until the world stops for you. (the lust of the eyes). Your parents too, seeing you screaming are concerned about what everyone else is thinking about them and so they end up buying you the 78th toy gun to use for God knows what just so you can shut up and not embarrass them. (the pride of life).

It’s not what other people do to you, it’s your selfishness that makes you behave the way you do. Selfishness is what makes us to just think of us and nobody else. When one hurts us, we are only concerned about our feelings and not the situation the other person may be going through.

We forget, says Andrew Womack says that Nobody is going to treat us the way we want to be treated. Not because they don’t care, but because they don’t worship us the way we worship ourselves.

Self is like drug addiction: It cannot be satisfied; it can only be denied. Jesus said it’s in losing your lives that you gain it. What exactly did he mean? I discuss that in this blog post. Enjoy it.  


A few months ago, I sold my lovely car. That compact crossover SUV with a 3.0-litre V6 engine had served me well for about 2years. We had shared and made memories across this Country and had enjoyed a friendship so rare in the world.

So why did I sell it then?

Before its last few months, I had spent quite a significant number of hours in the company of mechanics. I have nothing against mechanics and they surely have interesting conversations. But I prefer to have those conversations in our free time, over a cup of coffee not in a garage covered with oil on the floor.

I prefer to discuss with the mechanics about everything else but not to get reasons as to why a car won’t start or why the lights won’t go on or why the car was making rat noises.

So much had been repaired on the car. A fuel filter here, a stabiliser bar there, the seals and many other things I don’t know, didn’t want to know or should have known early enough.

I am very keen on ensuring that the car I drive is maintained in perfect driving health. (This does not include the occasional dirt that sometimes covers it). I had gone and had a radio device fitted in. It was for a good cause. Why should I have to sit in traffic listening to Kaboozi yet I could listen to an audiobook or podcast or some other thing intelligent people do with their time!

However, Within a few weeks of installing it, the radio device got spoilt and in the process spoilt the car’s interior system leaving the internal car lights, ac unit and many other car parts unable to function. Repairing these would cost about Ugx 800,000/.

But then there was the fuel gauge that had also given up. The tyres needed to be replaced and a paint job was necessary to get the car looking perfect again. My mechanic quickly put the total of what was needed at about Ugx 4.5M!

That money was not the major cause of concern. Heaven had already availed it so those repairs could be done.

But the thing with cars is that you never know who will scratch u tomorrow, which bolt will loosen or which part will develop rat noises as you drive or make a turn. You also cannot underestimate the feeling of lost time, missed opportunities or anger when the car stops by the roadside and you just cannot do anything about it.

I had to make a decision. Invest more resources (money for repairs, time repairing the car, emotional anger) to the car or just start all over with a ‘new’ car and channel the resources into something else.

That decision becomes relatively easy if your bank balance can agree to the purchase of a ‘new car’ worth much more than Ugx 20M. But if you cannot summon 20M off your account with a simple button press and have to draw out of the faith well, then wisdom will tell you that 4.5M is cheaper than the cost of a new car. besides, as the mechanic told me, the parts you work on will take some time before needing repair again.

While still pondering on this important decision, that part of my brain that stores things that I know but pretend to have forgotten sarcastically reminded me that I mentioned something close to this in my book. (SO YO DONE WITH UNI! WHAT NOW?). Copies are available at Aristoc books shops, book point Bugolobi, JUMIA Uganda, worship harvest Naalya and by calling me directly (+256775997383). End of kalango.

Adding 4.5M in repairs to a car that has moved for more than 200,000 kilometres and shows all signs of needing more “urgent’ repairs soon is what I would I call sunk cost.

A sunk cost is a cost that you incur that can never be recovered. A sunk cost effect (which I write about under decision making) is the tendency to continue pursuing an option because you invested money, time or resources in it. It becomes a fallacy if it is pushing you to do things that instead of helping you are doing otherwise. Instead of joy, you are sad and instead of profit, you reaping losses.

Once you have invested a lot of money in something, you want to believe that you will reap in the end. So, you continue throwing good money after bad as the saying goes.

Sometimes in life, it is best to cut losses and move on. I said it.

It may be time to let go of that car that is consuming much more than it should be and is spending a considerable amount of time in the hands of the mechanics.

That guy that proposed to marry you thirteen years ago but is still blaming the government as the reason he cannot fulfil his promise could be your sunk cost. Don’t fall for the effect. Let him go.

Don’t go for that trip simply because you bought the ticket and it was expensive yet every time you think about it, it brings nothing but sadness to you.

This applies to those that go to the weddings of their exe’s simply to eat a lot and try to recover the much they invested when they were still dating those people. This particular category needs counselling.

As has been said before, don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.  

Sunk costs are everywhere. As Olivola said, There’s nothing you can do to regain the money that’s lost — and pursuing something that makes you unhappy not only isn’t going to get your money back, but it’s also going to make you worse off. You’re just digging a deeper hole.


John; Peter are you trying to race with me?
Peter; Race with you? No, not interested.
John: Are you sure dude? Someone who is not racing wouldn’t be moving at that speed.
Peter; Look, John, am not interested in racing with you. I am only interested in seeing what happened.
John: (speaking sarcastically) You want to be the first their so you can come and tell everyone, uh?
Peter: John, what’s wrong with you? (Both are now running) We have a serious issue here and you thinking childishly. it’s not a race. I am just hurrying to go see what happened. Besides its still dark. Who cares to know who got their first?
John: It’s now a race my friend. (both are panting) For your information, everybody will know my friend. Everybody. (John outruns Peter. Peter pauses to catch a breath and starts walking again)

Those are the images that formed in my mind when I read John 20:4. I recalled this story after seeing a post where Ariho Kamara asks for individual top bible brand personalities. Bible commentators probably have reasons why John felt it important to outrun Peter. In informing us about his athletic victory over Peter, John re-emphasized the point he was making throughout his recollection of events in the gospel he wrote; that he was the disciple whom Jesus loved. Because Jesus loved him so much, he repaid this love by also loving him more than any other apostle thus the need to outrun Peter.

No other apostle or writer tells us about John outrunning Peter. Luke reports the same incident but completely ignores John. He doesn’t mention him even being present (see Luke 24:12). I thus learn from John to always tell my story. Don’t count on others to tell it on your behalf.

Away from this incident, the bible often uses the phrase “the one who Jesus loved” or “the beloved disciple” when describing John. I was so amused when I discovered that this phrase is only used in the scriptures that were written by John. The other apostles don’t tell us that John was the “disciple whom Jesus loved” or even mention any term like that. Surely the other writers of the gospels should have known about the fact that John was the “disciple whom Jesus loved” and thus mention it at least once. But alas! None mentions or uses it. Not even Paul and the others who wrote the rest of the new testament went back to include this detail in their letters!

Only John writes and tells us about the beloved disciple who happens to be (drum rolls please) ……. John! So strong is this in John’s writing that it appears five times (see John 13:23, John 19:26, John 20:2 and John 21:7, John 21:20). Could the other new testament authors have forgotten about this tiny little detail in their writings? I don’t think so. John created a brand that he was the beloved disciple. Period. He loved Jesus very much a was convinced beyond doubt that he was the most loved of all the disciples.

John never waited around for someone to tell his story. Nah. He knew he was the disciple that Jesus loved and didn’t need confirmation from anyone. He built a brand around this and it stuck. The truth is Jesus loved all disciples (and all of us), so what’s wrong with personalizing that love?

He knew that Peter would probably not tell anyone about him getting to the tomb first but why wait for Peter to tell his story?

In each of the instances where he calls himself the beloved of Christ, he highlights a key thing in his love for the Lord;
– Leans back at the chest of Jesus to show how deep his love is with Jesus (13:25)
– Confirms his loyalty to Jesus (19:26)
– He can be reached by others (20:2)
– Responds with believe to the lord even when he doesn’t understand (20:3-9)
– Recognizes Jesus even when others don’t (21:7)

All these actions go on to point out that he was indeed the beloved disciple as per the brand he created

In his heart, John loves Jesus the most and because of this, there is no way that Jesus loves anyone more than him. He chooses to write his story his way. In so doing, he also teaches me to create my brand and include those details that others believe are less relevant.

Because of John, my brand will include unique truths about me that others may ignore. It’s up to me to ensure that my brand is alive and well recognized.

John also teaches that it’s possible to re-brand self. Mark reports that Jesus called James and John sons of thunder. (Mark 3:17). These two would not back down from a confrontation. They at one time wanted to call down fire to a village for refusing Jesus! (Luke 9:54), When Jesus began talking about how he was going to be betrayed and die, these requested to sit next to him in heaven ignoring the things he had said about suffering! (Mark 10:35)

This was the brand before. Then John got transformed. He became a new brand. He doesn’t tell us about his former life and the things we would hate about him. All his writings are now resonating to his newfound brand – the beloved disciple. He is speaking love through all the letters and the gospel and is no longer a son of thunder.

For today, John is my brand guy.

dEAr mE

Dear me,

One day I will write a book.

I thought by now I would be a multi- award winning writer. I still don’t know how I haven’t been able to write a book yet. Am not one to push things to tomorrow when they can be done today. So I think! I know my self as a doer, an action guy.

I know this book will help a lot of people. I know it will help me start writing other books. And besides, I don’t think it hurts anyone if I write a book. Maybe I can co -author with someone. It would be fun writing with someone else. But then again, what if they don’t submit there part on time? I will do it alone.

Will my book be about young people? I developed a passion for these back in the day. Being a youth is a delight. You do as you please without a care in the world. You can have any type of hair style and those watching will applaud you without judging. Well except that other Aunty. But never mind her, she judges everyone. I don’t think I will write about the young. Many are there worries and joys. Besides, I have since crossed over from their world and have really limited knowledge about them.

Perhaps I will write about the children! Am experienced in these ones. I taught Sunday school for a long time and surely can write about the many stories the kids used to give me. You remember the one who asked whether God was peeing on us the moment it began to rain? Or maybe you remember the one who inquired about the flea when I told the story about Lot. The one about the man named Lot who was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city, but his wife looked back and was turned to salt. Oh, the beauty that was children’s church! I don’t think I will write about it though. There are many books that have written for children, or about children or even by children. What then shall I write about?

Oh! Farming. How can I not write about food? Its like treason against self, given my love for eating. I have always been intrigued about how you place a seed in the soil and bang a huge tree sprouts right where the seed was dropped in a few days. Ok, not a few but still, a tree comes out after sometime. Or may be I will research if scientists have discovered whether plants actually have wisdom. Remember Mr Ndawula the science teacher, he said plants are living things. Aha! That means they live all their lives knowing that they are going to become my food! Interesting. Admittedly, I don’t know much about farming to write about it. All I do is eat and eat. I don’t even know whether my stomach thinks every potato is actually mashed. No  NO NO. I won’t write about farming.

Perhaps I will write about the church. This institute has defined my entire life. Sunday school was fun. Oh God bless you Br Stephen for the porridge every Sunday. It made learning about God worthwhile. And then the plays we acted in. Rose acting as General Naaman. Then came the teen years where confusion rained in. My silly mind started questioning whether God actually existed. If he did, then why do bad things happen? You quickly forgot all that was taught in Sunday school. Porridge just. Didn’t they tell you that sin is here because man disobeyed? Had you forgotten Adam and Eve and the talking serpent? Pause! A woman actually had a conversation with a talking snake! Fear women. But anyway, I can’t write about the church.

My beef with the church just ended the other day when I got to know Christ personally. How could the church have pulled me in different directions like that? You go for this conference that promises that ‘this is it’. You pray, listen, pay, try everything the man of Gad said and still it doesn’t work. And the preacher has already left town so you cant ask him why it didn’t work. You wonder if indeed the man of Gad had actually heard Gad!. My friend the other day was looking for the pastor that told him this year was going to be his year. I wont write about the church. So much has already been written about it.

Should I attempt to write about relationships? Ha ha ha. Dear me, lets take another minute and laugh again at me; ha ha ha. What do I know about relationships to write about? That is a no go for now.

What shall I write about then? I guess I will figure it out tomorrow. Tomorrow I will sit and think through a topic. I will switch off the T.V and concentrate. Should I wait after the repeat of the arsenal game? May be. who knows, Arsenal may somehow win. May be I will first re-watch my favorite animation, home,  so am relaxed.

Tomorrow, I will figure it all out.

For a second, pause and think deeply about the most important things in your life. What are the top three things that matter most in your life right now? Can you write them done?  How much time we are spending on these things? Are we giving them the care, the time, the energy that they deserve?

Is your top most goal receiving the best and most time of your day? 

Why do we find ourselves majoring on the minor? We are living in a world where books have been written advising us on how to prioritize our days, apps developed to aid in prioritization and practices invented to ensure that we keep the most important thing as the most important things. Yet we still don’t have time for the most important things in our lives. In coming parts, I will engage in practical ways we can overcome the monster called procrastination.


Death; The robber, the unknown, the hated. Death. It strikes when least expected and takes more than we would have wanted it to. Death is so annoying and so disturbing.

I am sure we would be willing to pay millions if someone had a permanent solution to death. We would be willing to sell our kidneys, lungs, nails, hearts and anything necessary to be able to pay off death.

What if we had a permanent solution for death? What if we could do away with it once and for all, never to see it burden us again?

What if I told you we can?

The power to overcome death is to die. Stay with me. Death shouldn’t be the end. Death should mark the beginning.

The truth is that dead men have no passions. Dead men are not self-centered. They are not offended. They don’t care who likes them or who doesn’t. they hold no grudges against anyone. They have no more fear. They give up everything they own.

What am I talking about? Am talking about spiritual death. To be dead spiritually is to trust God. It is to be fully activated for God. It’s to accept the free gift of his salvation. This powerful gift that means that we have crossed over from death to life can only be activated by us dying to self.

This is what scripture tells us:

Colossians 3:3 New King James Version (NKJV)

For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

Galatians 2:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

20 I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

1 Corinthians 6:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

2 Corinthians 5:14-15 New King James Version (NKJV)

14 For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; 15 and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.

Romans 6 and many more verses speak about us dying. We should put off the old man and be free from sin. When you come to Christ, you stop focusing on sin because he has freed you from it. Your focus is now on God as you are a new creation. Sin stops being a big deal knowing that God took care of it permanently.

God wants you dead to self. He wants you fully trusting him. He wants you totally surrendered to him. You have to die to what you want and let God live in you. Get yourself off the wisdom of this world.

The key to victory is to die to everything in this world and be alive to God. Only through death can we come back to life more gloriously.

The beauty of us dying to sin in Christ is that we also resurrected with Christ. When you get saved, your spiritual resurrection is connected to the resurrection of Christ. Your soul is raised the day you die a physical death. The day Christ returns, your body will be resurrected as you will get a new body.

Are you willing to die to self today and take on the life of God? Let me know.

Receive Christ today.


[i] Excerpts taken from Beatrice Byemanzi sermon on 10th January 2020 and Moses Mukisa sermon during the Men’s bible study on 7th January 2020. Join the men’s bible study tomorrow at 7am on the Moses Mukisa page.


During a sermon, We were taught from Mathew 13:58 about how Jesus didn’t do many miracles in Nazareth because of their unbelief. God hates unbelief. Lack of faith is one of those things that really get God pulling his hair literally.

Psalms 78 tells the story of the Isreal as they moved from Egypt to the promised land. In verse 21 of that chapter, the bible says;

21 When the Lord heard them, he was furious;

his fire broke out against Jacob,

and his wrath rose against Israel,

22 for they did not believe in God

or trust in his deliverance.

God takes unbelief so serious. He gets mad when people don’t believe him.

So, when it says Jesus didn’t do many miracles in Nazareth due to unbelief, my quick thinking mind imagined him so angry. In my imagination, I saw him walking out super fast with the disciples. 

However, Mark captured the same situation and added a key detail;

Mark 6:5

He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them.

Even when they made him angry, he still healed them. He didn’t walk out in a rush, cursing and saying very many mean things. Instead, he saw the sick and healed them. One version says he was amazed at there unbelief. Yet, he still healed them.

To most of us, God has been introduced to us as the angry principled type that will punish all who disobey him. We have seen God as one who doesn’t entertain being annoyed.

Its not just us who are leaving in this generation.

Abraham, the father of believers was in the same category. He had a child out of the promise and plan of God. He had thought to himself that God would surely curse Ishmael. So, when God makes some ‘to good to be true’ promises to him, Abraham laughs it off. Its interesting that God doesn’t come in judging Abraham for having gone off the plan.  He comes in reminding him of his promise and making more promises to him and his offsprings. Yet, the father of believers doesn’t believe.

In verse 20 of Genesis 17, God tells Abraham that he shall indeed bless Ishmael because Abraham had asked.

And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.

There is nothing you have done that can annoy God beyond loving you. Probably you believe that you are beyond the loving mercies of God. It could be that you have given up on God’s love and have even lost sense of how to love yourself and those around you.

I am here to inform you that our God is loving and merciful. Even in your unbelief, he will heal. He doesn’t hide away from us because we have sinned greatly against him. He never treats us like our sin so deserves.

In the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned, he was disappointed and angry. Yet, when Adam mentioned that he was naked, God clothed him. [1]

You haven’t commited a sin or disobeyed in more ways than God can forgive. He is so loving and welcoming. He wishes you could turn to him. He has promised to remember your sins no more. [2]

When we accept his gift of salvation, he rescues us from the dominion of darkness. No more are we led to do things that are contrally to good. Instead, we are consumed by his love daily and hence stop being sin conscious.  It says in Colosians 1:13 that

13 He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

This information may be too too good to be true for someone. Yet, this is what the gospel is about. God’s arms are so wide open to receive you. He is waiting upon you daily to accept his gift of salvation.

Stop trying to be clean before you come to him. Its his blood that washes us clean. And the only thing you need to do is come to him and experience his amazing love.

Will you accept his call today? Reach out to me.

[1] Genesis 3:21

[2] Hebrews 8:12


It’s lunch time. I cannot stop listening to a song by James Kahero and Friends called I’ve tasted of the LORD. At the same time, At the same time, I am busy scrolling through the many posts on the WORSHIP HARVEST PRAISE AND TESTIMONIES page.  

I keep marveling at the how awesome our God is. He is doing things for people that leave you gasping for breath. People have received huge amounts of money, some debts have been canceled, others have received healing and love has been restored. I can go on and on but I trust you will go check out the page by yourself.  

The more I read these testimonies, the more am amazed at the goodness of our God. The more I read about the miracles and blessings, the more am drawn to the fact that he hasn’t stopped caring about the small stuff that bothers us.

I have read the testimonies of those who received little sums for transport back home.  Oh, the joy they felt. Now, that looks small to you. But I have been there. I have been in that situation where I had Ugx 500 for transport back home.

At that time, you want to go to the many taxi conductors always calling you uncle and blaza (brother) and remind them that relatives take care of each other. Of course, they will say some insults to your face before insulting your mum too. Then you begin contemplating whether to eat a big doughnut and walk home or just take a Ughs 500 journey and start walking from where the car drops you.  

Then someone shows up and gives you Ugshs 2000 or somehow, you check a pocket and there is this Ugx 2000.  At that moment you realize that God cares for you.

Surprisingly, he is meeting people’s daily needs every day. He is still performing the huge seemingly impossible things yet he is still caring about the small things that would have caused us to lose peace.

Isn’t that what he said anyway? In Luke 12:7, he said even the very hairs on our head are numbered. I have never bothered to count mine. Time will probably make it possible as early signs of baldness have appeared. But God knows how many hairs I have on my head. Why? He cares about all the small details on my head.

Some of the best prayers I have prayed are simple one liners. I don’t know how many times I have just opened my mouth and said God am scared. At that moment, there has always been a certain peace that words can’t describe. Whatever has been scaring me all of a sudden becomes insignificant.

This is true of every time I make these “small” prayers. I have whispered them in meetings when things were not going my way and there is a sudden shift. All of a sudden, things start happening that wouldn’t have happened.

I have learnt in the process that he is the God of all things; big and small.

In Luke 15:1-7, Jesus tells the story of the lost sheep. He asks the tax collectors and pharisees whether they wouldn’t leave the 99 sheep to go look for one. I guess the majority of us would say No. Who risks losing 99 sheep to look for one? Who does that apart from God? He is interested in the one lost sheep that he even makes a party for it and spends a lot in the process.

How Good is our God!

He cares about the tiny details of your life yet still interested in doing the impossible for you. He is the God that keeps mosquitos from entering your noses and ears (and some of you your mouths) when you sleeping. He is the same God that dresses the flowers and butterflies in such beautiful colors to lighten up the day.  He could have chosen to make the rainbow just one color but he knew you would love to look at it more if it had these many colors.

This same God carefully and wonderfully made you ensuring that your bones are all properly arranged and all your organs placed in the right place. Have you seen the beauty of the sunset? Have you been to the mountainside? Have you watched the rivers flowing and the waterfalls gashing? He is such an artist.

God cares about you. Will you learn to let him take care of everything that concerns you? Will you learn to surrender those small, inaudible prayers to him? He is as interested in seeing you have answers to those small things like he is in feeding the 5000 at once or raising the dead. Today, he asks that you let him be God of even the small things.

In 1 peter 5:7, he encourages us to cast all our cares and anxieties upon him because he cares. The key word here is ALL. Those small things keeping you awake at night, that huge deal you can’t wait to close, anything and everything, however big or small interests our God.

He encourages us in Philippians 4:6 not to be anxious about anything but in every situation, (big, small, threatening, not so huge, whatever, anything) let our requests be known to him in prayer, thanksgiving and petition. What small things are you grateful for today? What small things are you praying for today? He is waiting to hear you out. Start a relationship with him today. It will be the best decision of your life ever.

Dear child

Dear child,

I watched you come home last night with a dejected look. Too tired to eat, you sat in the chair, arms folded and stared at the meal in front of you. Your brain in need of oxygen to process all that had happened, that drained the eyes of life and you slept off.

You neither ate, showered nor slept, at least not in your bed. You instead slept off, like a toddler, in your mother’s arms. She looked at you and then me with concern, that confirmed what I was thinking: we may have lost in the parenting department

You see child, it’s the joy of every parent that his or her child grows up to become the best he or she can ever be. All parents long for the day their child will finish school, get a good job or start a business, marry his or her best friend and have the most loving of families.

When I saw you in that sofa, on your mother’s laps, I realized that you are far from that. I don’t blame you child. It would have taken you double effort to become the poster child. The child that finishes school, gets a good job, marries his or her best friend and has the best of loving families comes from a family where both parents are present to in calculate these values in them.

We were not there for you. I was not there. I was fooled to believe that what my family needed is money, more money. I spent countless nights at the office trying to work my way up the corporate ladder and came back when you were asleep. Now I long to redeem time. I wish I could sit with you every single day and ask you how your day was. I wish I would have at least 20 minutes of your day to cultivate in you discipline and character, the things my parents faithfully taught me.

You see, I trusted your teachers to teach you everything. I was always glad when school opened because it meant that I could have some freedom from you and your sister. The teachers taught you about chemistry but they forgot to teach you discipline. They taught you about Newton’s laws but forgot to tell you about respect. They emphasized that you pass mathematics but they forgot to emphasize character. I should have taught you these. I should have been your first teacher before introducing you to the other teachers. I should have told you about God and trained you in his ways from a young age.

When I saw you with a bottle of alcohol the other day, my heart skipped a bit. When did you start drinking? How was I blind not to notice that you were drinking? Oh, son I am sorry. I am sorry that in the process of climbing the corporate ladder, I forgot the most important things. I Am sorry I wasn’t the father you deserved to have.

I should have known that the days you came to me as I was typing away at the laptop were moments I should have treasured. Instead, I told you to go play somewhere else as I finished a ‘key’ part in the report. Sometimes you would come to ask me about silly things while Arsenal was playing and I told you to go out and play. I didn’t realize that I was pushing arsenal ahead, in the order of priorities. I didn’t realize that I pushing you farther. No wonder, you couldn’t trust me with conversation. I was a stranger. Your friends became brothers and fathers. It surprises me not that you have turned out like them.

I am sorry son. I saw you becoming a teen and instead of talking to you about  relationships and marriage, I promised punishment on seeing you with a girl. This then forced you to keep your relationships in secrecy.

What was I thinking when I stopped taking you to church? How did Sunday sleep and visiting old friends become more important than you growing in the ways of the Lord? Now you can’t even turn to God for solutions. Now you turn to God-knows – what. How did I become this father?

Son, I wish I could turn back time and be present. But I can’t. That’s why I am pledging to start now. They say better late than never, I hope it is true for our circumstances. When you wake up, you and I you are going for a drive, talk man to man, son to father. I cannot make up for lost time but I will ensure that we make the left time.  

My prayer has since changed. I now pray that you become a better father than I was. I pray that you are there with your family, every day of the year. I pray that you do not let corporate ladders blind you to the most important task of raising your family. I pray that you will start now. Yes now.

Son start praying for your family even before you get one. Start speaking positive into them. Start preparing a future for them so that their burden will be light. Above all, start being the man you were created to be according to his word. In order to be that man, you need to get back to God as he has the blueprint of your life.

Son, let us make today count for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

1 2 3 ACTION

Back in the day, on my first day of learning how to drive, my instructor taught me the use of the parts of the car; from the gears to the lights to the brakes and more. I was excited. However, day one ended without me driving.  I had learnt a lot about driving. I was ready for the next day, for the driving part though.

When I attempted to learn how to play the piano, my music teacher Deno, showed me the major and minor scales, the chords, which button responded to which key, how my hands should bend and the other nitty gritty of playing the piano.

Friends, you didn’t want to be around when I made the first practical attempt. I almost rammed the car, which by the way, we had stolen from our pastor for the sole purpose of ‘education’. Pastors are good people; we were spared. The sound the piano made when I attempted to play would make a deaf person throw their hands off in protest!

It is this relationship between theory and action that was the focus of the last speaker at the Fearless Summit. It was not Bishop Masika’s first time at the Summit. Last year, he had given the participants homework, to act! His message this year was simple; it was still a call to action. Enough had been said. So much wisdom was shared and now it was time for participants to get the extra push.

“You need to stop attending these conferences”, he said, “and start implementing what you have learned.” How true!

The good Bishop’s fear was very legitimate. There is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge and increasing one’s understanding. In fact, the creator of the heavens says that His people perish because of lack of knowledge! Knowledge is good. Proverbs actually encourages us to gain knowledge and not to sell it. Yours truly recommends that you actually attend the transform leaders gathering happening on the 6th and 7th at Worship harvest Naalya.

But do you know what is better? Yes, you are right; actioning that knowledge. In the words of James, “faith without actions is dead”. I will add emphasis on that (it’s my blog, I get to do this), knowledge without action doesn’t yield anything.

My family and I used to stay in rented spaces. We didn’t have the pleasure of arguing about open or closed plan kitchens. There was no kitchen in the house. The verandah was the kitchen and charcoal stoves were the sophisticated gargets used in meal preparation.

My mum would warn me about the red-hot charcoal in the stoves. She told me that it would burn me if I ever touched it. I believed her but curiosity had the best of me.  So, one day, I made an attempt at confirming her allegations when she had taken a walk. I still have a scar that testifies to that story.

After that incident, you wouldn’t find me anywhere near the charcoal stove. My knowledge of fire had been improved. I am not advocating for parents to let their children burn so as to obtain knowledge and understanding, I am just illustrating the difference between theory and action.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we moved from knowledge gatherers to people who acted on what they know? Imagine if we decided to implement one action per day of the many things we decided to do. The truth is that we are not short of knowledge to change the world. No. We have all the knowledge. It is on the inside of us. What we lack is putting that knowledge to action.  

Decide today to become an action person. Giving is good, start doing it. Your knowledge is only beneficial to you if not shared with others or actioned upon. Make the world a better place. Action your knowledge.